Testimonials from Clients and Colleagues

Here are some "gratitude nuggets," so that you might get a  sense of my work. I am honored and proud to share the thoughts and thanks from some of my very hard-working clients. After receiving these clients' words unsolicited and by email, I asked their permission to publish them here -- and have used first names or pseudonyms to protect their privacy when desired.

"Thank you for all the time you spent working with me to get well again. I still sometimes think of those jeans that I gave to you and remember how extremely difficult it was to hand them over! I think of that person and I truly feel like a new individual. I no longer have any jeans that I "check" myself with, and my relationship with food is so much easier and carefree while still healthy. I honestly wasn't sure I would ever get to this place but I have! I couldn't have done it without you."        ~ Sarah, Client


"I am happy to report that my disordered eating patterns have significantly decreased. Much of my progress is thanks to you. I no longer feel nervous or anxious when in the presence of food. I am no longer tempted to 'secret eat' when I am alone with food. I have become a more natural, intuitive eater -- which has enabled me to identify foods I like/dislike (compared to when I used to want all foods because I felt like I wasn't allowed to have any foods!). Now I can turn down a cupcake or a piece of pizza because I know I do not want it at that time, and feel no sense of deprivation . . . I binge eat much less. I would say my last veritable binge was a few months ago, which is the longest stretch in recent memory. There are still times where I might feel a slight urge to overeat out of stress or anxiety, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by a large spread of food options, but I now know how to react to these feelings."         ~ Helen, Client

"If ‘thank you’ came in different colors — or flavors — I would definitely be sending you a glowing rainbow tutti-frutti one!”  ~ Peg, Client

"I just want to say I love your blog, and have given the link to many of my patients.  Good for you for such an artful way to teach and lead."    ~ Julie Anderson, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

“You continue to amaze me. You are so very wonderful to have in the world of healing.”   ~ Debbie Young, Therapist