Testimonials from Clients and Colleagues

While some of my favorite "gratitude nuggets" are found in the sidebar on many pages of this website, I've included the full testimonials here so you might get a better sense of some of the outcomes of my work. I am honored and proud to share the thoughts and gratitude from some of my very hard-working clients. After receiving these clients' words unsolicited and by email, I asked their permission to publish them here -- and have used first names or pseudonyms to protect their privacy when it was desired.



"Thank you for all the time you spent working with me to get well again. I still sometimes think of those jeans that I gave to you and remember how extremely difficult it was to hand them over! I think of that person and I truly feel like a new individual. I no longer have any jeans that I "check" myself with, and my relationship with food is so much easier and carefree while still healthy. I honestly wasn't sure I would ever get to this place but I have! I couldn't have done it without you." 

Sarah, Client


"I am happy to report that my disordered eating patterns have significantly decreased. Though our meetings have discontinued, much of my progress is thanks to you. I no longer feel nervous or anxious when in the presence of food. I am no longer tempted to "secret eat" when I am alone with food. I have become a more natural intuitive eater, which has enabled me to identify foods I like/dislike (compared to when I used to want all foods because I felt like I wasn't allowed to have any foods!). Now I can turn down a cupcake or a piece of pizza because I know I do not want it at that time, and feel no sense of deprivation . . . I binge eat much less. I would say my last veritable binge was a few months ago, which is the longest stretch in recent memory. There are still times where I might feel a slight urge to overeat out of stress or anxiety, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by a large spread of food options, but I now know how to react to these feelings."

Helen, Client


"If ‘thank you’ came in different colors — or flavors — I would definitely be sending you a glowing rainbow/tutti-frutti one!”

Peg, Client


"I just want to say I love your blog, and have given the link to many of my patients.  Good for you for such an artful way to teach and lead."

Julie Anderson, PhD, Clinical Psychologist


“You continue to amaze me. You are so very wonderful to have in the world of healing.”

Debbie Young, Therapist